Back again to the good ol’ wordpress. Things have definitely life-changing for me. I don’t even know whether I might be able to update frequently, but here I am :D

As the theme of the blog goes, I will include everything in this blog, writing random things. Quick overview of what happened since my last post: I decided to value my social and personal life more. I might plan but the big guy up there was the ultimate decision maker, so I will still go where life takes me.

I am stranded *ahem* in the remote part of Indonesia, back to my hometown. I got married in 2012 and welcomed the most incredible baby boy in 2013. I still am a beauty addict despite the limited supply over here. However, this enables me to actually use up whatever I have in my stash. Hitting pan is a norm now. As I have become a mother and a wife, the usual beauty
routine has become a luxury to me. Kudos to all mothers who manage to raise their kids without help. Having baby sitter and domestic help is a must to metropolitan mommies. Well, not all of them but the majority do. Such thing is painstaking to get where I live right now. No complain, just trying to live each day to the fullest while enjoying every single moment with my little prince.
Toodles for now ;)


My 5 mos baby boy and me

Price: RM18.90
Size: 100 ml
What it claims: Removes durable mascara and eye makeup in one quick and easy step
Ingredients: Cyclopentasiloxane, water, hydrogenated polydecene, dipropylene glycol, alcohol denat, sodium chloride, phenoxyethanol, methylparaben, parfum, dipotassium glycyrrhizate, benzophenone-9, caprylyl/capryl glucoside, betaine, butylene glycol (and) water (and) portulaca oleracea extract, disodium EDTA, rosa centifolia flower water (and) alcohol denat, red 4, blue 1, yellow 5

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Finally, another part from Oh-My-Blush! series :P

Picture’s taken from MAC official website

Price: US$ 18.50
Size: 6 g
Color description from MAC: Warm peach

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Quick Update and Rambling

Holy cow, see how long I have been slacking off in updating my blog? OK, I was not exactly slacking off, my uni-related stuff (again) has taken a toll on me (I was sick, recovered, sick and finally recovered again), and I am catching up with old buddies and spending as much time with my friends as this is my final semester. After this, most probably we will end up in different countries, trying to find some moolah to support ourselves.  My two besties are going back to their respective hometown. One is thinking of continuing her family’s business in Indonesia and the other is going back to Saudi (or Kenya) and see where life will take her lol. What about me?  I’m going to Maldives and Kenya at the end of this year (after my exam and finish moving my stuff out) for my little trip :). Thanks to my friends, they are willing to provide shelter for the poor me haha. When I get back, it’s either joining the work force or heading off to Canada. We’ll see much of my frozen ass if my parents decide to fund my study hahaha (this is exactly what my close friend said. frozen ass. nyahahaha)

Note: From this point on, it’s going to be picture-heavy and some disgusting pictures ahead. Click at your own risk :P

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I just recently got this from NYX Anniversary Sale and I am glad I bought this!

Price: US$ 6
Size: 4 g
What it claims: Gives cheeks a healthy-looking glow and rosy color with its powder base. This elegant blush glides easily onto the skin and it’s so light-weight, you’ll forget you’re wearing it!
Ingredients: Magnesium stearate, talc, mica, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, octyl palmitate, isopropyl myristate, silica, lanoline oil, squalene, BHA, propylparaben, D&C red no.6 BA

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Lipgloss time! I seriously do not know why Definit’e always has such lengthy names for their products *shakes head*. Why don’t they just call it The Lipgloss? :P Anyhoo, it is reaching the end of my Definit’e product review anyway ;)

Price: I lost the receipt :( Gonna update this once I’ve visited Definit’e store again (but I am pretty sure it was RM40 something)
Size: 4.5g
Ingredients: To be updated

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FYI, both my sister and I put on this mask, so the review will be the compilation of our opinion regarding this product :). My sister has a combination skin, yet lately she’s been having this flaky dry skin on her T-zone and hence me asking her to try on the mask to see whether it works well or not.

Price: RM 5.90 available at Watsons and Guardian
Size: 2 x 7.5ml
What it claims: Intensively regenerated and nourished, your skin feels velvety soft. Your skin feels wonderfully supple, smooth and relaxed
Ingredients: It claims to contain Honey to intensively regenerate and smooth the skin as well as Macadamia Nut Oil and Shea Butter to provide intensive moisture and nutrients to the skin. The whole ingredients of the mask is shown in the picture below.

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