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Phew I finally am be able to write this! Here you go..

Price: RM190

What it claims: A concealer stick that cover spots, freckles and dark circles to create a beautiful, even-toned complexion

Size: 5g



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Randomness is random

I was planning to write up a review on Cle de Peau concealer today, but guess what, all of my pictures were deleted from my phone, including those that I took today for Cle de Peau concealer review. Argh!! OK, no worries, I’m gonna re-take the picture again tomorrow morning. I already am in a full garter to go on a date with my bed.

Here’s some random picture which I snapped few days ago. It happens to be the one which keeps me away from doing my assignment 😛


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I’m not dead yet, halfway though. I haven’t had enough sleep for the last three days due to report deadline and excessive gaming hahahahaha. The latter one is the culprit of my super dark circles :(. I know I haven’t posted anything up lately, and next week will be even more hectic (WHAT THEEEEE). Oh whatever. I’m gonna review another foundation today 😉

Price: USD38 at Stila website

What it claims: Picture-perfect skin is now a reality with our illuminating liquid foundation. This silky, lightweight formula glides on effortlessly for sheer to medium coverage that hides flaws and imperfections so your left with a luminous, air brushed look. A silky, semi-matte finish evens out natural skin tone to uncover your true beauty. Infused with Mica, tiny crystals found in nature, this skin illuminator reflects light, leaving you radiant and glowing. Perfect for sensitive or dry skin. Simply brilliant!

Size: 30 ml


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The MBB project for this semester is finally done, yay~ Today was the last day of our lab practical on cloning and expression of amylase gene from B. subtilis.
A lot of failures, weird results, and now I’m feeling a little funny that I’ve actually cloned something. Omigosh.

And here’s the best part, a test and more reports are coming. Wahahahahahahaahahahaha.

OK. I need to get back to my report 😛 I probably will post something up after finishing the damn report xD

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I was reading Paris blog this morning and her post caught my attention. It made me think, I do own quite a bit of makeup stuffs in my stash yet there are some items which already there for the longest time yet I still haven’t finished them up yet :P. I believe you guys have similar case too when you’re a makeup junkie lol

Finishing up skin care products is easy as you tend to use them regularly. What about your makeup? I reckon I’ve been using my Maybelline gel foundation since December last year and it is my primary foundation and only now it starts showing up the sign of “it’s time to toss me to the bin!”. Yes, I just finished it not so long time ago 🙂 However, when I turned my head to my makeup storage, I see more bottles of foundation! Haha. I’m an avid user of foundation by the way, though I am more partial to light and medium coverage. I don’t like walking around look like as if someone makes a cake on my face! 

Moving on to lippies, so far I have only finished my Maybelline lipstick in Peanut Butter and it was last year. Now my T’estimo and MAC lipsticks start to finish up bit by bit. Mascara…… Yes, I have finished few mascaras since I never go out from my house without one 😛 But…. now that I just received some of my swapped items, I own several mascaras and I’ll not mention how many mascaras I have right now hehe. I think the only product that I hardly finish is eyeshadow, but it’s not impossible of course. Last semester when all of my classes started at 8, I didn’t have much time to get ready and just grabbed my Maybelline eyeshadow quad and within a month I could see quite a dent on it 😉 Three months later, I hit pan 😀 So it proves that if you used your makeup items regularly, eventually it’ll be used up 😀

So the here’s the challenge from Paris:

Pick any of your colored makeup products (or you can add more if you wanted to) and use them everytime you do your makeup for one whole month. You can combine them with other products, but the primary products you used must be the one you choose. Compare the products again in a month time.

Sounds interesting eh? I am so gonna join the challenge ^_^ So here’s the products I’ve chosen:


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I have wanted to try this concealer yet its price was the major problem for my skinny purse. I managed to get this on a swap along with Cle de Peau concealer! Yay! Honestly, I am not too keen on buying something way too expensive without knowing that it’d work on me 😛 Oh well, at least now I can try on this one :

Price: RM80

What it claims: A water-proof, resist sebum and sweat formula concealer. It gives a perfect fit coverage but subtley hiding imperfections. It hides blemishes with pin point precision, naturally elastic and adheres excellently to skin. Lasting and becomes invisible after application. The use of Jojoba oil combined with waxes helps prevents moisture loss. Dermatollogically, opthalmologically and allergy-tested.


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Quick FOTD: Monday Blues

Haha I know most people, including me, don’t really like monday. Oh well, instead of getting swayed with the mood, I decided to take a little bit more time to do get ready today. Somehow it helps me to look more awake, as I only had 4 hours sleep last night @_@

The funny thing is I missed my class despite going to uni right on time! How silly… When I reached uni, I saw a group of my classmates nearby the cafeteria and some in the library (it was 10.15 AM). I was thinking maybe there isn’t any class from 10-11 AM just like last week and the lecture would only start at 11AM. I even went to check the lecture schedule and I was right, there’s a lecture from 11-12 PM, and so I decided to eat first. When I planned to be in the class 5 minutes before the lecture began, guess what. The whole lecture hall was full and there was a class going on (my class!). Later on, it turned out that there was no 11-12 PM lecture. WTH……. My friends who came for the lecture ended up browsing around at computer lab and the other one joined me watching Angels and Demons. Have any of you watched it? It’s a pretty good movie though I still prefer the original novel, however everything goes according to the novel so yeah, not that bad 😀

OK cut the crap. lol. This is what I wore to school today ^_^ Somehow the color looks so washed out -_-;

Click click click more 😀


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