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Back again to the good ol’ wordpress. Things have definitely life-changing for me. I don’t even know whether I might be able to update frequently, but here I am 😀

As the theme of the blog goes, I will include everything in this blog, writing random things. Quick overview of what happened since my last post: I decided to value my social and personal life more. I might plan but the big guy up there was the ultimate decision maker, so I will still go where life takes me.

I am stranded *ahem* in the remote part of Indonesia, back to my hometown. I got married in 2012 and welcomed the most incredible baby boy in 2013. I still am a beauty addict despite the limited supply over here. However, this enables me to actually use up whatever I have in my stash. Hitting pan is a norm now. As I have become a mother and a wife, the usual beauty
routine has become a luxury to me. Kudos to all mothers who manage to raise their kids without help. Having baby sitter and domestic help is a must to metropolitan mommies. Well, not all of them but the majority do. Such thing is painstaking to get where I live right now. No complain, just trying to live each day to the fullest while enjoying every single moment with my little prince.
Toodles for now 😉


My 5 mos baby boy and me


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