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Yep another acquisition πŸ˜€ The package arrived last Monday but as usual the hubby forgot to inform me. What I got is mainly handmade soaps and brush cleanser from Moporie.

I have few transactions with Moporie before and they all went smooth. Recently I found out Erie (who’s the sweet lady behind the online shop) is into soap-crafting. I have seen several of her products and I was really intrigued. My skin is getting drier as I age, trust me I can tolerate sandpaper back when I was teenager, but now it’s like sahara. My recurring eczema doesn’t help either. Erie claims that all of her handmade soaps are free of SLSΒ  which is known to dry skin out. She also came up with Brush Best Friend Soap intended for no other than our precious brushes. Besides, look at those beautiful soaps! Who can’t resist such pretty goodies?? LOL.

The Soap Corner by Moporie

The Soap Corner by Moporie

So what do I get? I ordered 2 bottles of BBFs (gosh it’s brush BFFs!! lol), I intend to give one to my sister so she can start taking care of her brushes, she’s mighty lazy when it comes to cleaning up her brushes. I also got myself Yuzu Silk Soap (which I used straight away, review will come up later), (from top left clockwise) Sweet Blooms Soap, Musk Silk Soap, Rainbow Soap, Coffee Soap, Black Raspberry & Vanilla Soap, Strawberry Milk Soap, and Calendula Breezes Soap. If you noticed, there’s additional soap in the center picture. That and Black Raspberry & Vanilla Soap are extras from Erie. Very sweet right? I can’t wait to try them all out, but of course it’s gotta be one by one. The presence of these soaps definitely makes me excited whenever I’m going to shower. I will review them all for sure :D.

Signing off now..

P.S. Fellow Indonesians, we’re experiencing lots of harpitnas (hari kejepit nasional lol). What did you do or plan to do? Happy Holidayssss

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to Moporie and all the items are purchased by yours truly, except the extras of course πŸ˜›



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Just some newest addition to my modest stash, bought them during my short visit to KL last month. Some are my staples :D. Oh who am I kidding huh? It’s just a mere justification to buy more makeup lol.


I’m running out of my Estee Lauder Double Wear Light foundation so it was a right move to get another foundation, yes??? Truth to be told I still have bajillion foundations to finish but my curiosity won so I ended up with not one, but two foundations mwahahaha. At first I only intended to get NARS Sheer Glow, but sneaking around duty free shops were fatal. Well to my purse.. I got myself Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua. Yada yada I’m way too late to join the wagon but I’ve been itching to try these foundations out, and since I live practically in the middle of nowhere that was high time for me to get my grubby paws on those items.

I got myself 2 tubs of Guerlain Meteorites Perles, da o yo. I’ve been religiously using Teint Rose and loving how flawless my skin look, so I got 2 other shades, Medium (used to be Teint Beige) and Dore (or Teint Dore if you still remember the older packaging). I also bought the primer, been itching to try it out ever since my poor uni student days lol. Another purchase not pictured is Guerlain Rouge G in Garconne. I gave it to me momma as her birthday present and mother’s day present (cheapskate alert!! :P). I was entitled a GWP containing a brush (as pictured), a perfume sample which ended up given to my SIL, a travel size cleansing milk (which went to my mum just because she’s an avid cleansing milk user), travel sized face primer (gave this to mum as well) and sample sized KissKiss lipgloss (not pictured). I didn’t take picture of the bag they came with, it was gorgeous. Black velvet..the usual if you catch my drift.

I wandered at Sephora as well, getting SK-II Essence-In foundation refill for my mum and got myself some Philosophy body wash (this stuff is amazing btw), and little did I know I was entitled to a pouch containing samples from Bare Minerals and Sephora eye makeup remover. I snatched Maybelline color tattoo and Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm as well.

My loot was pretty modest, but I was happy with it. I haven’t been shopping makeup lately so it was definitely refreshing. Reviews are coming soon :).


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Quick Update and Rambling

Holy cow, see how long I have been slacking off in updating my blog? OK, I was not exactly slacking off, my uni-related stuff (again) has taken a toll on me (I was sick, recovered, sick and finally recovered again), and I am catching up with old buddies and spending as much time with my friends as this is my final semester. After this, most probably we will end up in different countries, trying to find some moolah to support ourselves.Β  My two besties are going back to their respective hometown. One is thinking of continuing her family’s business in Indonesia and the other is going back to Saudi (or Kenya) and see where life will take her lol. What about me?Β  I’m going to Maldives and Kenya at the end of this year (after my exam and finish moving my stuff out) for my little trip :). Thanks to my friends, they are willing to provide shelter for the poor me haha. When I get back, it’s either joining the work force or heading off to Canada. We’ll see much of my frozen ass if my parents decide to fund my study hahaha (this is exactly what my close friend said. frozen ass. nyahahaha)

Note: From this point on, it’s going to be picture-heavy and some disgusting pictures ahead. Click at your own risk πŸ˜›


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Super Late NYX mini haul

Just some stuffs I bought during NYX Anniversary sale. LyNn kept it for me while I was away because the stuffs reached her just before I went back to Indonesia lol. Finally I can post about it as I just collected them last tuesday ^_^

Here’s what I bought…


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I know I have been disappearing for a month! I truly am glad to be back yay! I seriously did not have time to check out some stuffs when I was back in Indonesia as my trip was basically a massive culinary trip :P. I have not lost the extra pounds I gained during the holiday. I also brought along sun spots! Nope, I did not get tanned, I got sun spots -_- (I played at the beach in my parents’ hometown when we all were there!)

Anyhoo, to kick start a new post from a long hiatus, I decided to take a peek at Definite Cosmetics when I was waiting for my sister playing bowling (the monster is addicted to it!). At first I only wanted to have a look at MAC Colour Craft collection as I have been noticing the hype on this particular collection. Strangely enough, I was not attracted to most of the stuffs (or maybe it was because my wallet was already stick thin!). When I first checked it out at MAC website a month ago, I planned to check out the Marbleized Lipglass because they looked funky enough :P. But blimey, when I swatched them, it sort of turning me off. Again, the usual abandonment from the SA did not help at all. So I decided to just roam around until I saw Definite Cosmetics store and the big board with huge writing to get a complimentary 10-minute makeover. Aye, that was a call for me of course :D. For those who never heard of Definite Cosmetics before, it is a makeup line manufactured in Italy but assembled over here in Malaysia.


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Thanks to sweet Lynn who awarded this to me πŸ˜€ I really appreciate it ^_^

I know things have been pretty slow lately. Just so you know I will be having my exams on 16, 18 and 24 June and hence me being a phantom for several days :P. I also need to re-arrange my room as my little sister will move in on July 2.. I need to put in some stuff and blablabla. I also need to apply for her resident card, and not to mention I’m going back to my beloved country on June 24 itself, so I need to pack up some stuff. Oh yeah I might be absent from June 24 til July 2. I need my break and I miss my family πŸ˜‰ It’s about time for some family quality moments πŸ˜€

There are some review queueing up at the moment, yet I still am trying to find some time to write on those.. Hopefully I’ll be able to write them soon πŸ˜‰

I have been a good girl this week lol I went to get TBS makeup case for my mum and accidentally bought another blush πŸ˜› But that’s all, so consider me as a good girl! (for this week, at least) lol. I also bought my solutions. This one is a necessity πŸ˜‰ so can’t be helped.

Wait , there’s more…


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How did you spend your weekend? πŸ˜€

Oh well I didn’t really do anything much.. I met up with a friend at Mid Valley earlier on for a movie and a lunch. That’s all πŸ˜›

When I was on my way to Mid Valley, I stopped for a while at Sunway Pyramid, Β and a little more damage has been done to my wallet. That’s it!! I’m on a cosmetics-ban right now. My shopping budget which has already reduced (because I bought my ticket for my flight back to my beloved Indonesia as well as buying three tickets to fly back here -_-) now is almost vanished. I have set aside some cash to buy some stuffs that I’ve been lemming for quite some time, and now after some items from my wish list had been crossed out, I am officially on a shopping ban!

I was lurking around at MAC counter today to check out Style Warrior collection and I was looking for a rather-matte bronzer so yeah…… And when I passed by I Nuovi store, I decided to check it out and since they gave a pretty good bargain, so I decided to pick some stuffs up πŸ™‚ (Hey Hanna, if you read this, it’s time for you to check I Nuovi out!)


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