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Finally, another part from Oh-My-Blush! series 😛

Picture’s taken from MAC official website

Price: US$ 18.50
Size: 6 g
Color description from MAC: Warm peach



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Hey as the title says, I’ve been a good girl 😉 Nope, I didn’t haul again, okieee?

I found this box when I came back home from my uni (oh by the way, the lecturer was successful in making majority of the students unable to finish up answering all of the questions. Kudos!)..

What a nice surprise after a dreadful paper.. xD. It’s a gift from the best Ex-Bf in the world (cheh.. I only say this because I got a gift :P). No, we are not getting back together or whatsoever. He’s happy with his current partner and I enjoy spending my time with the guy I’m currently going out with. It’s just my ex-bf and I are good friends since.. erm.. years ago lol. So, the silly boy took a sneak peek at my wishlist and decided to grant some of them 😀 How schweet 🙂 Thank you! It did enlighten my mood a little 😀

I guess it’s time to cross out some stuffs from my wishlist, yay! He got me MAC brush cleanser and eyeshadow in Juxt. It’s a very pretty green color, me likes! I think he actually brought the list with him when buying those stuffs.. Who the hell will expect a guy to buy such girly makeups? lol He got me some I Nuovi stuffs that I’ve been lemming for quite some time. Eye Base and Metallogy eyeshadow in Brass and Bronze. He threw the freebies he got that day as well (he doesn’t wear any makeup anyway) which is the eyeshadow and blush palette as well as Dust in Starlight. He said he purposedly chose that pink color so that I’d be more girly. Wth.. Am I not girly enough?? lol Thanks a lot anyway!

Today I don’t think I’ll be able to write a lot.. Gotta catch up with my revision for Thursday paper. Wish me luck!

Anyway, I got Friendship Award from Hanna 😀 Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it 😀 I’m gonna start tagging once I have more time 😉

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Yes ladies, I still am struggling on my exam preparation yet I just can’t neglect my blog, aye? 😀 This post is going to compare four different bronzers that I have. Instead of reviewing them one by one, I decided to put them all in one post ;). Beware though, this post will be a picture heavy one. Teehee~

Just in case you can’t read what I typed in the picture (which I’m pretty sure you can’t lol), I will re-write the products’ names. On the top left is The Body Shop Shimmer Waves in Bronze. The one on the top right is MAC Style Warrior Bronzing Powder in Solar Riche. On the bottom left is the ever famous Benefit 10 and beside it is Physicians Formula Baked Bronzer in Baked Bronze.

Why bronzers? I am not a snow-white fair 😛 My skin is considerably fair-medium, but I am dead pale. Unless I let myself being baked under the sun, only I can show up the healthy baked flush. Anyway, I believe that’s pretty damaging to my skin, so it ain’t happening. Instead, I opted for blush and bronzer to perk up my look :D. I don’t like looking pale with obvious blush, so a little touch of bronzer will help me out A LOT. Besides, my arms are not as light as the rest of my body (I wear long pants everyday) so toning down my skin tone is pretty necessary. Hence, all the bronzers… lol

Here’s where the nightmare begins..


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Fabulous Friday!

Finally, it’s Friday! I’ve been waiting for this day to come yet this week seems to pass very slow. I only had one class today, like usual. However, I decided to attend today’s lab session (mine was yesterday) for the thorough briefing. Sadly, it was such a waste of time! The briefing given by my lab demonstrator yesterday was more thorough compared to the today’s lab instructor -_-. I could utilize 1.5 hours for other stuffs!! (or going out. lol)

After the stupid useless lab session, my friend said she wanted to visit Avon store as some of the stuffs which are on sale would end today. We went back home to change first and guess what was waiting for me in the mailbox?


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