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Quick Update and Rambling

Holy cow, see how long I have been slacking off in updating my blog? OK, I was not exactly slacking off, my uni-related stuff (again) has taken a toll on me (I was sick, recovered, sick and finally recovered again), and I am catching up with old buddies and spending as much time with my friends as this is my final semester. After this, most probably we will end up in different countries, trying to find some moolah to support ourselves.  My two besties are going back to their respective hometown. One is thinking of continuing her family’s business in Indonesia and the other is going back to Saudi (or Kenya) and see where life will take her lol. What about me?  I’m going to Maldives and Kenya at the end of this year (after my exam and finish moving my stuff out) for my little trip :). Thanks to my friends, they are willing to provide shelter for the poor me haha. When I get back, it’s either joining the work force or heading off to Canada. We’ll see much of my frozen ass if my parents decide to fund my study hahaha (this is exactly what my close friend said. frozen ass. nyahahaha)

Note: From this point on, it’s going to be picture-heavy and some disgusting pictures ahead. Click at your own risk 😛



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Holy cow, see how long I’ve been MIA?? This would be my post before going back to Indonesia. I’ll be going back tomorrow right after my exam 😛 I’m nuts, I know. Yet I haven’t finished studying and not to mention packing 😛 My mum is so gonna kill me.

OK, so still remember the “Do you ever finish anything” challenge from ParisB last month? I had to use 1 primary eyeshadow and 1 blush for a month. In addition, I added 1 lipstick as well teehee. It’s been a month and I’ve been religiously sticking to the same stuffs. I admit it got a little boring at times, but it helped me to crack out my brain to combine the colors with other stuffs haha. One thing I’ve noticed from this challenge is that gold eyeshadow is very versatile. You can use it as lid color or crease color. I particularly like to use it as crease color 😉 It instantly makes my eye makeup looks glamorous 😀 Big yay for that!

So here’s the result of using the same eyeshadow, blush and lipstick for a month:


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Another Quick Update

WARNING: Health hazard to your eyes 😛 Read at your own risk

Second paper was okay lol *see the lol? I think you can catch my drift already*. I didn’t sleep properly last night because I slept for almost 12 hours after my paper on Tuesday (I think I could only sleep for 30 minutes last night). I’m usually not a polar bear, but for some weird reason I just kept on sleeping even without turning any air-con or fan. I woke up for a while because I felt suffocated 😛

After the paper, I went to my lecturer’s office to collect my fourth assignment which he just finished marking. Even the fifth one came out earlier, wth. Just so you know, when he gave out the second and third assignments a month ago, I couldn’t find mine. I waited for a while thinking maybe he hadn’t finished marking all the stuffs as the class is pretty big and also a friend of mine hadn’t got hers back as well. After two weeks, still nothing. I emailed him TWICE to know the whereabout of my assignments and I even tried to look for him SEVERAL times at his office but to no avail. I even had to contact the unit supervisor, asking him whether he could help me out to check my internal grades (surprisingly, the most irritating lecturer voted by students was in a good mood and he said he was going to check it out for me).


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Hey as the title says, I’ve been a good girl 😉 Nope, I didn’t haul again, okieee?

I found this box when I came back home from my uni (oh by the way, the lecturer was successful in making majority of the students unable to finish up answering all of the questions. Kudos!)..

What a nice surprise after a dreadful paper.. xD. It’s a gift from the best Ex-Bf in the world (cheh.. I only say this because I got a gift :P). No, we are not getting back together or whatsoever. He’s happy with his current partner and I enjoy spending my time with the guy I’m currently going out with. It’s just my ex-bf and I are good friends since.. erm.. years ago lol. So, the silly boy took a sneak peek at my wishlist and decided to grant some of them 😀 How schweet 🙂 Thank you! It did enlighten my mood a little 😀

I guess it’s time to cross out some stuffs from my wishlist, yay! He got me MAC brush cleanser and eyeshadow in Juxt. It’s a very pretty green color, me likes! I think he actually brought the list with him when buying those stuffs.. Who the hell will expect a guy to buy such girly makeups? lol He got me some I Nuovi stuffs that I’ve been lemming for quite some time. Eye Base and Metallogy eyeshadow in Brass and Bronze. He threw the freebies he got that day as well (he doesn’t wear any makeup anyway) which is the eyeshadow and blush palette as well as Dust in Starlight. He said he purposedly chose that pink color so that I’d be more girly. Wth.. Am I not girly enough?? lol Thanks a lot anyway!

Today I don’t think I’ll be able to write a lot.. Gotta catch up with my revision for Thursday paper. Wish me luck!

Anyway, I got Friendship Award from Hanna 😀 Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it 😀 I’m gonna start tagging once I have more time 😉

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Thanks to sweet Lynn who awarded this to me 😀 I really appreciate it ^_^

I know things have been pretty slow lately. Just so you know I will be having my exams on 16, 18 and 24 June and hence me being a phantom for several days :P. I also need to re-arrange my room as my little sister will move in on July 2.. I need to put in some stuff and blablabla. I also need to apply for her resident card, and not to mention I’m going back to my beloved country on June 24 itself, so I need to pack up some stuff. Oh yeah I might be absent from June 24 til July 2. I need my break and I miss my family 😉 It’s about time for some family quality moments 😀

There are some review queueing up at the moment, yet I still am trying to find some time to write on those.. Hopefully I’ll be able to write them soon 😉

I have been a good girl this week lol I went to get TBS makeup case for my mum and accidentally bought another blush 😛 But that’s all, so consider me as a good girl! (for this week, at least) lol. I also bought my solutions. This one is a necessity 😉 so can’t be helped.

Wait , there’s more…


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After reading the posts regarding makeup storage from Syen and Hanna, I was thinking it might be a good idea to share how I organize mine :). Well I don’t have an exclusive vanity area with makeup desk blablabla nor do I have makeup bag or train case. I store my vanity stuffs at my I-got-it-for-free-from-previous-tenant shelves :P. How’s that for being cheapskate? lol

Basically for my makeup, I organize them according to the type, i.e. lippies with lippies, foundations arranged together in a particular place etc. so that it would be easy for me to grab and find them. Nevertheless, because I’m using a small plastic rack, there are some stuffs that couldn’t fit there (the rack was barely filled up last year lol).  I also use some unused containers to hold all of my stash. If you want to know how I organize them, click for more 😀 It’ll be quite a picture heavy post though, and bear in mind, I am not tidy. LOL. It’s a little messy, but believe me I can find the stuff I’m looking for in this mess 😀 Besides, I don’t own a lot of makeups so it’s a breeze to find anything I need 🙂


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I was tagged by Traclyn on “To My 16 Year Old” tag. Thanks girl!

Dear the 16 yo me,

Heyho! I am your future self. Kinda creepy eh receiving this kind of stuff from the older you? (Think of Doraemon). Right now you must have been worrying like hell for your upcoming exams. Have you ever wondering that you will only have one semester to spend with your beloved friends in your final year? Yes, you ain’t finishing your high school yo. Please be a good girl and treasure each moment you spend with your beloved friends. Soon, it will be really hard to find a time for meeting up. One thing I’d like to tell you, please be yourself. You are special in so many ways you never imagined. Be a good girl!

Tada~ done, short and precise  lol. Yes, I never finished my high school 😛

Anyway, Narita is having a MAC giveaway. Do check out her giveaway~ ^_^

The giveaway will be open until June 15th, 12AM Pacific Time. Have fun!


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