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SK-II Facial Treatment Repair C

Product description

A serum that contains Concentrated Pitera with effective moisturizing complex that helps to improve skin’s appearance by reducing the look of fine lines due to dehydration. Pump a pea-sized amount onto finger-tips. Smooth over entire face, especially around the eyes and neck which are prone to fine lines and dryness.

Saccharomycopsis Ferment Filtrate**, Aqua (Water / Eau), Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Pentylene Glycol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Methylparaben, Sodium Benzoate. *Pitera

Price: USD 160 for 30 ml

Onto the fourth review of SK-II products, please bear with me.. Just two more review including this and I’m done, at least for now :P. As per my previous samples, I received a travel sized bottle from GWP. The bottle it came in looks exactly the same like the full sized one. The bottle contained 15 ml of product. First thing first, I love the bottle! It survived numerous traveling and I experienced no spillage whatsoever. Even after I finished the content I still keep the packaging for future use.. Oh well you never know when this jiffy stuff might came in handy.

At first I was perplexed by its name, I was questioning myself what the ‘C’ in Facial Treatment Repair C stands for. After consulting Dr. Google turns out it stands for concentrate. Ring any bell? Yes you guess it right, it contains concentrated form of Pitera, in other words the thicker version of Facial Treatment Essence and it’s 10 times as smelly lol. The concentrate was a thick clear liquid which spread quite easily and dried out pretty quick after a few patting down. My skin was significantly moisturized afterwards. The leaflet it came with recommended 1 to 2 pumps for each application, but 1 pump is pretty much sufficient. I tried using 2 pumps before and it took forever to sink in. I’m not usually skimpy when it comes to the amount of skincare I slather on my face but trust me 1 pump is enough, no need to waste precious goody, it ain’t cheap.. Well unless you have a larger surface area then you may need more, just adjust accordingly.

Combined with the Facial Treatment Essence and Cellumination Deep Surge EX (review coming soon) I woke up to a fully moisturized face and smooth canvas for makeup application. So far this has been my routine night skincare regime, alternating between Facial Treatment Repair C and The Spot Specialist. I seem to always go back to this serum whenever I need that boost of hydration. Speaking of reducing fine lines, I can’t vouch for that as I don’t have noticeable fine lines 😛 (for now at least).

So the next big question is would I repurchase? I love it, need I say more? I know I’ve been praising SK-II skincare because they work for me. What works for me might not work for you, so if you planned to splurge do try to score some sample as I notice quite a lot of people I bumped into are allergic to these Pitera-loaded skincare.

Pros: moisturizes skin well, give smooth canvas to work on makeup

Cons: the yeast smell might be too strong for some people

I’m not going to comment on the price as I can justify myself to pay that amount as long as my skin’s happy 😉

Zoom zoom!


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Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Repair Complex II

I received 3 sad meager sachet sample of *inhales deeply* Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II *PHEW* Such a long name! Let’s just call it Estee Lauder ANR II, shall we? I’ve known so many beauty bloggers swore by Estee Lauder ANR. I never tried the previous version myself, so when the supposed-to-be upgraded version was released many moons ago I scored some samples, even though it’s just 3 pathetic sachets lol. I got it from Vanity Trove by the way.

Each sample was enough for 3 applications, or if you have a rather large surface area the sample might be only good for 2 uses. I apply it after patting down SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. This Estee Lauder ANR II is rather runny, gingery in color and have this ginseng-like scent. I.hate.ginseng. so anything smells like one is seriously a turn off, to me at least. Geez, I got sidetracked a little. Moving on.. The way I use it is spreading it to my whole face and neck and slowly patting it on. It feels a little tacky and it becomes more pronounced once I put my serum on. The serum which usually sinks in pretty fast takes a little more time and it becomes sticky, eew. However, I found that ANR II significantly hydrate my skin. I wake up to a bouncy skin! Amazing..

Many are comparing ANR II with Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate, so I sneaked some of my mum’s Kiehl’s MRC to feel the difference. It significantly boosts hydration and I wake up to the same bouncy skin. Overall, I prefer Kiehl’s MRC to Estee Lauder ANR II simply because the MRC works similarly sans the sticky feeling and ginseng scent (it has this calming lavender scent).

So, I’m guessing in the end it all comes down to preference and skin condition. Choose whichever one works best for you. As for me I wouldn’t be purchasing the full sized bottle as I might as well buying Kiehl’s MRC. However, for now I will just stick to my current skincare regime, it’s too many steps me thinks lol, but I may incorporate it when the need arises.

Have you ever tried this before? Let me know how you think!

See you all on the next post!

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