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Yep another acquisition 😀 The package arrived last Monday but as usual the hubby forgot to inform me. What I got is mainly handmade soaps and brush cleanser from Moporie.

I have few transactions with Moporie before and they all went smooth. Recently I found out Erie (who’s the sweet lady behind the online shop) is into soap-crafting. I have seen several of her products and I was really intrigued. My skin is getting drier as I age, trust me I can tolerate sandpaper back when I was teenager, but now it’s like sahara. My recurring eczema doesn’t help either. Erie claims that all of her handmade soaps are free of SLS  which is known to dry skin out. She also came up with Brush Best Friend Soap intended for no other than our precious brushes. Besides, look at those beautiful soaps! Who can’t resist such pretty goodies?? LOL.

The Soap Corner by Moporie

The Soap Corner by Moporie

So what do I get? I ordered 2 bottles of BBFs (gosh it’s brush BFFs!! lol), I intend to give one to my sister so she can start taking care of her brushes, she’s mighty lazy when it comes to cleaning up her brushes. I also got myself Yuzu Silk Soap (which I used straight away, review will come up later), (from top left clockwise) Sweet Blooms Soap, Musk Silk Soap, Rainbow Soap, Coffee Soap, Black Raspberry & Vanilla Soap, Strawberry Milk Soap, and Calendula Breezes Soap. If you noticed, there’s additional soap in the center picture. That and Black Raspberry & Vanilla Soap are extras from Erie. Very sweet right? I can’t wait to try them all out, but of course it’s gotta be one by one. The presence of these soaps definitely makes me excited whenever I’m going to shower. I will review them all for sure :D.

Signing off now..

P.S. Fellow Indonesians, we’re experiencing lots of harpitnas (hari kejepit nasional lol). What did you do or plan to do? Happy Holidayssss

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to Moporie and all the items are purchased by yours truly, except the extras of course 😛



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I received samples from beauty box subscription Lolabox quite a while ago. I did not manage to snap a picture before finishing the whole stuff so in this post I will be using pictures I found from other blogger.

The samples I received are from different box. I have another full size bottle waiting to be used in my drawer, of different variant. The ones I am going to review today are Vanilla Softening Shower Gel and Green Tea Energizing Shower Gel. I will update the price of full size item when I review the unopened bottle.

Cottage Shower Gel

The first one I received was Green Tea Energizing Shower Gel. The sample was enough for about a week worth of use. I found the green tea smell to be a little too synthetic, however the fragrance was not too strong so I was fine with it. Cottage seriously needs to change the Energizing part from the name because the smell is way too soft to wake me up lol. The shower gel was in the so-so department, not something I would get in near future, it’s better to stick with the good old Johnson & Johnson baby milk bath. It didn’t leave my skin dried out, it wasn’t moisturizing either.

Cottage shower gel: sample size vs full size

Next is Vanilla Softening Shower Gel. Now this I totally loathed. The fragrance was too strong for my liking. Don’t get me wrong, I love vanilla scented stuff but this one totally gave me some minor headache. Vanilla should smell softer than this. On the softening aspect, it did nothing. Again, these shower gels are considered drugstore items, so after my experience with the green tea one I didn’t set the bar too high. I am not against drugstore items, in fact I’m a strong advocate to drugstore makeup, there really are some jewels I found in drugstore but these two just didn’t cut it. Would I repurchase? Definitely no. The only good thing from this shower gel is that it didn’t leave my skin scaly. The smell, oh, the smell. Urgh.

I still have a full size bottle of Cottage shower gel that I got from Lolabox anniversary box, I think it’s in Figs. I gotta check again. I hope the last one wouldn’t disappoint me like the previous two.

Anyway, I will come up with mini-reviews soon as I have been sampling a lot of stuff. My reviews will probably on the shorter side but I hope it’s informative enough.

Toodles for now 😉

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