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Loose eyeshadow or pigments can be very messy sometimes.. More often than not, the jar or vial it comes with is not practical. When you are not careful enough, you might end up spilling the whole jar which will be quite a waste. Take an example of MAC full size pigment jar. It’s pretty big compared to the vial one. Being at the same room with a clumsy person like me, the pigment jar may fall down and there you go my $$$ (okay I didn’t buy it as I got it from a swap but still I swapped it with something valuable). I’ll be crying and heartbroken.. Another example would be NYX loose eyeshadows.. I own several vials and to me, they are not practical at all. The mouth is so small that it is quite difficult to pick up some of the eyeshadow with a brush. I know it’s cheap, but if it spills, I’m gonna have to do extra work cleaning up my room! Besides, I like my NYX loose eyeshadows 😀

Some of the samples that I got previously came in a clipped plastic baggie and contact lens case.

The contact lens case is a brilliant idea yet I found that it takes quite a lot of space in my storage area if I was to store all of my loose eyeshadows in contact lens cases. I don’t own a lot of pigments and loose eyeshadows yet I still find it not practical enough to put several contact lens cases in my eyeshadow storage area.

Yesterday when I was in the kitchen, I came accross this unused pills storage box. Then the idea just popped out, why don’t I just use this as my loose eyeshadows and pigments storage box? At least it reduces the chance of me spilling my eyeshadows 😀

It’s pretty simple and easy! All you need is scissors, writeable tape or colorful (optional) sticky notes, the small pills storage box itself, a pen and a spatula 😀



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After reading the posts regarding makeup storage from Syen and Hanna, I was thinking it might be a good idea to share how I organize mine :). Well I don’t have an exclusive vanity area with makeup desk blablabla nor do I have makeup bag or train case. I store my vanity stuffs at my I-got-it-for-free-from-previous-tenant shelves :P. How’s that for being cheapskate? lol

Basically for my makeup, I organize them according to the type, i.e. lippies with lippies, foundations arranged together in a particular place etc. so that it would be easy for me to grab and find them. Nevertheless, because I’m using a small plastic rack, there are some stuffs that couldn’t fit there (the rack was barely filled up last year lol).  I also use some unused containers to hold all of my stash. If you want to know how I organize them, click for more 😀 It’ll be quite a picture heavy post though, and bear in mind, I am not tidy. LOL. It’s a little messy, but believe me I can find the stuff I’m looking for in this mess 😀 Besides, I don’t own a lot of makeups so it’s a breeze to find anything I need 🙂


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