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Weekend is just around the corner. What have you all planned? To me, it will be just a night out with my little sister. We are going to watch GI Joe :D. I am quite a movie addict, but my sister is not apparently. Too bad, my counterpart is leaving for Singapore on this upcoming saturday for a short holiday, so my sister does not have a lot of choice, does she? 😛

Here’s a video from Michelle Phan which I like :D. I like the overall look although I am not sure whether I can pull it off or not. Anyway, I just want to share this with you all. So enjoy! 😀

By the way, regarding her tips on filling in your eyebrows, I think you can stick to whatever method you are using right now as we might not have the same eyebrows after all. To me, I always start from the end then filling it in towards the middle and use the remaining to fill in the rest of my eyebrows. FYI, my eyebrow is thicker at the beginning 😛


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I’m addicted to this

Is it me, or the guy who plays the piano is simply awesome? 😉 And now I’m off to do my assignment *SIGH*

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Howdy! I just wanna share this video with you guys ^_^ Hope you’d find it helpful ^_^

The video is taken from MakeupByTiffanyD. Check out her YouTube videos and her blog 😉

Gonna post something soon!

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