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Yep another acquisition 😀 The package arrived last Monday but as usual the hubby forgot to inform me. What I got is mainly handmade soaps and brush cleanser from Moporie.

I have few transactions with Moporie before and they all went smooth. Recently I found out Erie (who’s the sweet lady behind the online shop) is into soap-crafting. I have seen several of her products and I was really intrigued. My skin is getting drier as I age, trust me I can tolerate sandpaper back when I was teenager, but now it’s like sahara. My recurring eczema doesn’t help either. Erie claims that all of her handmade soaps are free of SLS  which is known to dry skin out. She also came up with Brush Best Friend Soap intended for no other than our precious brushes. Besides, look at those beautiful soaps! Who can’t resist such pretty goodies?? LOL.

The Soap Corner by Moporie

The Soap Corner by Moporie

So what do I get? I ordered 2 bottles of BBFs (gosh it’s brush BFFs!! lol), I intend to give one to my sister so she can start taking care of her brushes, she’s mighty lazy when it comes to cleaning up her brushes. I also got myself Yuzu Silk Soap (which I used straight away, review will come up later), (from top left clockwise) Sweet Blooms Soap, Musk Silk Soap, Rainbow Soap, Coffee Soap, Black Raspberry & Vanilla Soap, Strawberry Milk Soap, and Calendula Breezes Soap. If you noticed, there’s additional soap in the center picture. That and Black Raspberry & Vanilla Soap are extras from Erie. Very sweet right? I can’t wait to try them all out, but of course it’s gotta be one by one. The presence of these soaps definitely makes me excited whenever I’m going to shower. I will review them all for sure :D.

Signing off now..

P.S. Fellow Indonesians, we’re experiencing lots of harpitnas (hari kejepit nasional lol). What did you do or plan to do? Happy Holidayssss

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to Moporie and all the items are purchased by yours truly, except the extras of course 😛



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Phew, I am finally done with my last assignment for this semester. Exams… here I come 😀 I admit I am a weirdo, I seem to enjoy exams period 😀

So today’s topic is going to be pretty short as I haven’t had enough sleep last night due to trying to crap my way out of the stoopid report lol

Whether you’re a makeup addict or not, using a brush in applying your makeup product tends to give you better finish. I’m not saying that makeup application by hand will not give you a good finish (hey, nothing can beat concealer application by finger yo! :D), but at times you will need a brush in order to achieve that flawless finish. Take blush for example. I know for cream-based or liquid-based blush, manual application (read: your fingers) is still acceptable. However, when it comes to powder blush, applying it manually by fingers sometimes will result in uneven application, making your face looks funny. Also, at times when you haven’t got the hang of applying cream or liquid blush manually, you tend to overdo it a wee bit and again, uneven finish. I reckon that brushes had helped me a lot to achieve the finish I want and hence the existence of various makeup brushes in my makeup stash. I don’t own too many brushes, I just have some which I think is necessary 😀

I use brush quite often, almost everyday 😛 At least I’d use two brushes, a blush brush and a powder brush, as I tend to apply a thin layer of powder and blush everytime I go out (I look deadly pale without any blush *sigh*). Of course I can’t just leave them like that after each application. What if some creepy germs decided to make my brushes their home and ended up attacking my skin? @_@ I just dislike the idea -_-;

I am not an OCD (lol!) yet hygiene is on my top list. I always try to keep my brushes cleaned every each use, or at least keep the used ones separately from the cleaned ones so that no cross contamination will occur (dang!). I’m an avid foundation user and you do know after applying foundation your brush can be REALLY dirty. Not to mention eyeshadow brushes. I like playing with colors everyday so I need to clean up my brushes to prevent the colors being mixed up. OK, I think I have enough reasons to diligently clean my makeup brushes now teehee~

What I do is quick on-spot cleaning everytime I finish using the brushes. It is simple and easy 😉 All you need is just a brush cleanser. I am using Elianto brush cleanser for this purpose. Retailing at RM18, it does a good job in cleaning up my brushes everyday. I took up the tips from TiffanyD for the quick brush cleaning quite a while ago, and voila, clean brushes everyday! ^_^ If you have more cash to splurge on, get MAC brush cleanser instead (it is RM39 if I’m not mistaken), but anyhoo the Elianto one already does a good job for on-spot cleaning :D. Here’s a video from TiffanyD showing how to do the quick brush cleaning:

I found that several drops of brush cleanser is sufficient to clean a numerous brushes. Sometimes I cut my tissue paper into two for each cleaning as half of it usually is enough. Be environmentally friendly please.. 🙂

Once a week, I will deep cleanse my brushes with my good ol’ baby shampoo. You can use anything of your choice, yet choose a gentle and mild one to protect your brush bristles. After cleaning them properly, I usually just leave them to dry. Try not to use hair dryer if you can avoid it, unless you really need to use the brush badly. 😉

So how often do you clean your brush? 😀

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