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As the title implies, today’s about a nifty beauty trick on mixing foundation with primer. Maybe you have heard or even tried it but it’s considerably pretty new to me. The idea has been there for the longest time but I never found the need to mix them, until recently. Have you ever experienced streaky foundation application, or thick full coverage foundation that’s pretty hard to smooth on? Read on why this tips might be useful for you 🙂

I experience such problems when applying my Estee Lauder Double Wear Light foundation. I don’t usually use foundation brush when applying this as I find fingers work better and faster. Oh I do wear brushes but not all the time, to spare me the brush cleaning afterwards lol. It’s just easier to clean my fingers with wet wipes rather than going fullblown brush cleaning. Besides I found that the warmth helps to ease the foundation to melt into the skin better. Now, on my good skin days (read: I use face mask the night before) the foundation applies smoothly. On so-so or even bad skin days, it looks horrible, just doesn’t work. Why don’t I just toss the foundation out, you might ask? Simple reason, the shade fits me to a T and I bought it with my own pennies lol. There’s no return policy here in SE Asia as far as I’m concerned so I have to find ways to make it work.

So few days ago I stumbled upon my old scribbles and found I have jotted down mixing foundation with primer idea. The goal is smooth and better application. I mix the foundation with a little bit of whatever primer I’m currently using, in this case Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel which is loaded with silicones and the result was amazing. The foundation glides on smoothly and no streaks at all. I also found that I end up using less foundation this way, so it’s a saving for me. I can always dispend more if I needed more coverage but most of the time I only need sheer coverage so it’s more than sufficient for me. The foundation actually lasts a lot longer on me this way. It’s a win-win!

Step 1 - Squeeze a little bit of primer

Step 1 – Squeeze a little bit of primer

Step 2 - Squeeze tiny dollop of your preferred foundation (mine was a tad runny so it appears a lot more than it should be)

Step 2 – Squeeze tiny dollop of your preferred foundation (mine was a tad runny so it appears a lot more than it should be)

Step 3 - With your finger, mix them well

Step 3 – With your finger, mix them well

The primer I’m using is loaded with silicones hence the smooth gliding result. If you’re allergic to silicones feel free to mix it with primer of your preference, I’m sure it will work just fine. I tried mixing my foundation with Guerlain primer, the one comes with pearls, which is a gel base and it work just as good. It didn’t glide as smooth as using silicone-based primer but the result is pretty much flawless. Some people I know mix their foundation with moisturizer to achieve similar result, however the coverage becomes so sheer like that of tinted moisturizer. Using primer retains the coverage I want. Nevertheless, it’s all your choice and you can always adjust it according to your needs :).

Have any of you tried this before? Which primer do you use? Do share your beauty tips in the comment section below :D.

Toodles for now!


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I recently received this in a sample size from a swap ^_^ Here’s how the full size looks like:

Price: RM135 (yes super pricey!!)

What it claims: Immediate and long lasting (8 hours) mattifying action. Moisturizes and refine skin’s texture. Tolerance dermatologically tested. Non-comedogenic.


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Review: Za Pore Smoother

So yesterday, when I was browsing through Watsons for a sunblock, I came across this and decided to give it a try since it was on sale lol

Price: RM34.90 (normal price, but I bought this at RM28), available at Watsons and Guardian

What it claims: A lightweight, super-smooth balm that instantly reduces the appearance of pores

Size: 6g


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Tada..! Yes, I just recently bought sample kit for my beloved roommate (so-called her birthday present). She has a combination skin where her T-zone is very dry and the rest of her face is practically oily. For those who have similar skin type, would you please share any skin care product that might solve her problem? Your help will be very much appreciated :). Anyway, besides the sample kit, I decided to buy a little bit of stuffs for myself teehee :P. I bought a full jar of Kaolin Clay and a sample jar of foundation in Ivory.

Price: Kaolin Clay RM21.90, Foundation RM54.90 (for a full size jar, mine was free)

What it claims: Kaolin Clay is known for its ability to absorb oil without causing dryness and aid in healing acne. Signature Minerals foundation will give you a silky smooth and long lasting finish which is non-drying.

Size: 6g (Kaolin Clay) and 10g (Foundation)


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