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Yes ladies, I still am struggling on my exam preparation yet I just can’t neglect my blog, aye? 😀 This post is going to compare four different bronzers that I have. Instead of reviewing them one by one, I decided to put them all in one post ;). Beware though, this post will be a picture heavy one. Teehee~

Just in case you can’t read what I typed in the picture (which I’m pretty sure you can’t lol), I will re-write the products’ names. On the top left is The Body Shop Shimmer Waves in Bronze. The one on the top right is MAC Style Warrior Bronzing Powder in Solar Riche. On the bottom left is the ever famous Benefit 10 and beside it is Physicians Formula Baked Bronzer in Baked Bronze.

Why bronzers? I am not a snow-white fair 😛 My skin is considerably fair-medium, but I am dead pale. Unless I let myself being baked under the sun, only I can show up the healthy baked flush. Anyway, I believe that’s pretty damaging to my skin, so it ain’t happening. Instead, I opted for blush and bronzer to perk up my look :D. I don’t like looking pale with obvious blush, so a little touch of bronzer will help me out A LOT. Besides, my arms are not as light as the rest of my body (I wear long pants everyday) so toning down my skin tone is pretty necessary. Hence, all the bronzers… lol

Here’s where the nightmare begins..



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Thanks to sweet Lynn who awarded this to me 😀 I really appreciate it ^_^

I know things have been pretty slow lately. Just so you know I will be having my exams on 16, 18 and 24 June and hence me being a phantom for several days :P. I also need to re-arrange my room as my little sister will move in on July 2.. I need to put in some stuff and blablabla. I also need to apply for her resident card, and not to mention I’m going back to my beloved country on June 24 itself, so I need to pack up some stuff. Oh yeah I might be absent from June 24 til July 2. I need my break and I miss my family 😉 It’s about time for some family quality moments 😀

There are some review queueing up at the moment, yet I still am trying to find some time to write on those.. Hopefully I’ll be able to write them soon 😉

I have been a good girl this week lol I went to get TBS makeup case for my mum and accidentally bought another blush 😛 But that’s all, so consider me as a good girl! (for this week, at least) lol. I also bought my solutions. This one is a necessity 😉 so can’t be helped.

Wait , there’s more…


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