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I was tagged by Traclyn on “To My 16 Year Old” tag. Thanks girl!

Dear the 16 yo me,

Heyho! I am your future self. Kinda creepy eh receiving this kind of stuff from the older you? (Think of Doraemon). Right now you must have been worrying like hell for your upcoming exams. Have you ever wondering that you will only have one semester to spend with your beloved friends in your final year? Yes, you ain’t finishing your high school yo. Please be a good girl and treasure each moment you spend with your beloved friends. Soon, it will be really hard to find a time for meeting up. One thing I’d like to tell you, please be yourself. You are special in so many ways you never imagined. Be a good girl!

Tada~ done, short and precise  lol. Yes, I never finished my high school 😛

Anyway, Narita is having a MAC giveaway. Do check out her giveaway~ ^_^

The giveaway will be open until June 15th, 12AM Pacific Time. Have fun!



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Handwriting tag lol

I was browsing through and checking out my blog subscriptions when I came accross Lynn‘s new post regarding quite a fun tag 😉

How to do this tag? Just grab a piece of paper, any pens and of course your camera 😀

Here’s the rules:

1. Write down who tagged you

2. Answers the following:

– your name/username/pseudo
– right-handed or left-handed
– your favorite letters to write?
– your least favorite letters to write?
– write “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”

3. Tag 5 persons

So here’s mine 😀

SNC00273Hmm does my handwriting really reflect my personality? lol You guess 😉

Anyway, feel free to do this tag 😀 You can post the link on the comment. ^_^

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