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Quick FOTD: Monday Blues

Haha I know most people, including me, don’t really like monday. Oh well, instead of getting swayed with the mood, I decided to take a little bit more time to do get ready today. Somehow it helps me to look more awake, as I only had 4 hours sleep last night @_@

The funny thing is I missed my class despite going to uni right on time! How silly… When I reached uni, I saw a group of my classmates nearby the cafeteria and some in the library (it was 10.15 AM). I was thinking maybe there isn’t any class from 10-11 AM just like last week and the lecture would only start at 11AM. I even went to check the lecture schedule and I was right, there’s a lecture from 11-12 PM, and so I decided to eat first. When I planned to be in the class 5 minutes before the lecture began, guess what. The whole lecture hall was full and there was a class going on (my class!). Later on, it turned out that there was no 11-12 PM lecture. WTH……. My friends who came for the lecture ended up browsing around at computer lab and the other one joined me watching Angels and Demons. Have any of you watched it? It’s a pretty good movie though I still prefer the original novel, however everything goes according to the novel so yeah, not that bad 😀

OK cut the crap. lol. This is what I wore to school today ^_^ Somehow the color looks so washed out -_-;

Click click click more 😀



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FOTD on lazy weekend

This is the look I wore yesterday 😛 Is it me, or there have been a pink craze lately? Haha. I wasn’t particularly a girly girl with pink stuff, but I was in the mood of playing with pink eye shadows yesterday 😛 Oh yeah, do check out Plue and Nikki versions too ^_^ Theirs are way way better than mine 😛

This is the overall look (camwhore alert). I look so weird, but I don’t care 😛 I had an allergic reaction the other day and hence my left eye is a tad bit swollen and irritated. 😦

I still am not able to provide a pictorial, so I guess in the mean time I’ll stick to step-to-step tutorial 😛


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