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I’m not dead yet, halfway though. I haven’t had enough sleep for the last three days due to report deadline and excessive gaming hahahahaha. The latter one is the culprit of my super dark circles :(. I know I haven’t posted anything up lately, and next week will be even more hectic (WHAT THEEEEE). Oh whatever. I’m gonna review another foundation today 😉

Price: USD38 at Stila website

What it claims: Picture-perfect skin is now a reality with our illuminating liquid foundation. This silky, lightweight formula glides on effortlessly for sheer to medium coverage that hides flaws and imperfections so your left with a luminous, air brushed look. A silky, semi-matte finish evens out natural skin tone to uncover your true beauty. Infused with Mica, tiny crystals found in nature, this skin illuminator reflects light, leaving you radiant and glowing. Perfect for sensitive or dry skin. Simply brilliant!

Size: 30 ml



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