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Tada..! Yes, I just recently bought sample kit for my beloved roommate (so-called her birthday present). She has a combination skin where her T-zone is very dry and the rest of her face is practically oily. For those who have similar skin type, would you please share any skin care product that might solve her problem? Your help will be very much appreciated :). Anyway, besides the sample kit, I decided to buy a little bit of stuffs for myself teehee :P. I bought a full jar of Kaolin Clay and a sample jar of foundation in Ivory.

Price: Kaolin Clay RM21.90, Foundation RM54.90 (for a full size jar, mine was free)

What it claims: Kaolin Clay is known for its ability to absorb oil without causing dryness and aid in healing acne. Signature Minerals foundation will give you a silky smooth and long lasting finish which is non-drying.

Size: 6g (Kaolin Clay) and 10g (Foundation)



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